The Science of food choice is an intensive 5-week course that is designed and taught at Stanford University. SOFC is an extension in research from this course. 


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3/6/2019: Women in STEM

3/20/19: San Ramon Library

3/27/19: “Food and Lifestyle Choices for Brain Health”

3/28/19: “Women in STEM” Lafayette Library

5/22/19: “Improving Healthspan and Lifespan- What Foods and Ways of Living are best as we age?

6/21/19: “Poop and Gastro Journey” - Lafayette Park Hotel, Lafayette, CA

7/11/19: “Making the Healthier Choice- behavioral nutrition strategies to making conscientious food choices” - UBS Financial Services, Walnut Creek, CA

8/7/19: “Improving your Healthspan and Lifespan”

9/5/19: “The Beauty of our Microbiome” - Lafayette, CA

11/7/19: “Food & Lifestyle Choices for Brain Health” (has been moved to January 23rd)

12/9/19: “Stress & Rest: the silver bullet to longevity?”

12/10/19: “Stress/Rest and the Intersect with Food Choices, Health, and Longevity”

1/23/19: “Food & Lifestyle Choices for Brain Health”

2/12/19: “The Beauty of the Microbiome”