Cueing Wednesday

Incorporating more Mindfulness into our meals

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It's easy to not pay attention to a meal in today's world. With the many available distractions- work, social media, television, task-switching-  it's much easier to scarf down a quick meal without thinking much about it. 

Research shows however that eating when distracted not only produces an increase in immediate intake, but even more prominent increase in intake at a later subsequent meal (1), and by paying attention to the sensory characteristics of a meal, we end up consuming less at the following meal (2).

When you sit down to eat, notice.  Notice what's on your plate (or in your drink). Take a moment to smell what is there. What do you smell?How hungry/satisfied are you right now? If you are hungry, where is your hunger? Is it in your stomach? Is it it your head (are you craving something in particular)? What are you gravitating towards to eat first on the plate? Bring attention to this eating moment.

Take the first bite of food. 

What is the initial sensation you experience? What is the texture like? How does it make you feel?

By bringing awareness to a meal, you'll not only manage caloric intake during this meal and at subsequent meals, but you'll probably enjoy it more too.