Episode 2: David Mills Ph.D. - The Microbiome

DR. David Mills, Ph.D.

We talk about the importance of the microbiome to human health, beginning from the moment we are born. Dr. Mills studies the prebiotic importance of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO's) in breast milk on infant health, and this serving as a model to the significance of co-evolving of bacteria in their role on human health.  

Dr. David Mills is a professor of Food Microbiology at the Food Science Department at University of California, Davis, and he studies bacterial importance on gut health, and in fermented foods and beverages. 

Today we are discussing his work in human milk oligosaccharides on infant health, and how this serves as a model for the importance of a co-evolution with microbes to provide us long term health. We delve into all aspects of microbiology in health and disease, what foods we should be consuming for optimal microbial flourishing, as well as what we can learn from non-industrialized countries on microbial diversity.