Episode 4: Jon Ramsey, Ph.D. - New findings in Caloric Restriction and its mimetics

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Jon Ramsey phd

In this podcast, Dr. Ramsey and I discuss his most recent study findings in caloric restriction and its mimicking diets (such as utilizing a ketogenic diet) on life and health span. We also discuss his research in examining varying fat sources (lard, soybean, and fish) for health, fasting mimetics, time restricted feeding, and intermittent fasting. 

Dr. Jon Ramsey is a professor and faculty of Molecular Sciences at University of California, Davis. He studies the effects of caloric restriction and its mimetics on health and longevity. 

In our conversation, we chat about some of his most recent study findings in caloric restriction (CR), fasting, and fasting mimetics with the use of ketogenic diets, as well as his previous research examining calorically restricted consumption of different fats (lard, soybean, and fish oil) on metabolic factors in longevity.  You'd be surprised (I was!) what the results of this research was. 

Show notes:

3:30 - Evolution into Dr. Ramsey's current research-  initial findings with caloric restriction, aging, and ketones in rodents.

6:40 - His 2016 study looking at calorically restricted intake of lard vs. soy vs. fish oil and its relation to lifespan (he noticed that long lived animals have more saturated lipid membranes so they were trying to push the membrane structure in a different direction).

9:25 - Which CR fat intake group had the best life and healthspan? 

11:00 - Are benefits of omega-3 fatty acids influenced with caloric restriction? 

12:30 - Can you have a cumulative effect with inflammation-lowering pathways? (say exercise plus caloric restriction)?

14:50 - Exercise and aging - a look at a future study

17:00 - CALERIE study

17:40 - Mitochondrial changes that occurred in lard/soy/fish study. 

20:50 - After the 2016 study, Dr. Ramsey and colleagues began asking "which fatty acids are important in inducing these changes?" Was it the saturated fat that was important, or mono-unsaturated?

24:00 - Applicability of these studies. Which fat is most "healthspan" beneficial? 

26:35 - Most recent ketogenic diet trial. If animals on CR become ketotic at some time points, IS this important? So they fed mice either 1) high fat (not ketogenic) 2) ketogenic 3) control. 

29:30 - Why start diet change midlife in mice?

31:20 - Results of study

34:10 - Which is more beneficial: CR or keto?

35:45 - Is there a Time restricted feeding component in CR? 

41:00 - Compliance of CR and other diets. How do we resolve?

42:50 - John Newman and Eric Verdin- palatability and ketogenic diet studies. Rodents still gain weight on ad libitum ketogenic diets. What did they do to go around this issue?

44:13 - Could an intermittent ketogenic approach work? Is it more realistic for periodic ketosis? Valter Longo's fasting mimicking research in aging and lifespan. Lots of overlap with CR, fasting mimicking (FMD), Intermittent fasting (IF), and keto research.

47:00 - Fasting, CR, FMD, every other day fasting, IF- what are the differences and what is the best route for eating?

50:35 - Keeping in mind aspect of palatability in the context of high fat, keto, IF, and CR. Should we be concerned?

52:15 - Macronutrient composition of CR mice food pellets and why this may be an (research) issue. 

54:55 - Has Dr. Ramsey used any other mimetics to fasting in his studies?

55:20 - From a dietary perspective, what is the best way to optimize mitochondrial function?

57:30 - What are the next steps in progressing the field in CR forward?

1:01:29 - Best ways to find him on the interwebs.