Episode One: Stephan Guyenet, Ph.D. - "The Hungry Brain"

Dr. Stephan guyenet, Ph.D.

The author of the newest book, "The Hungry Brain",  joins us to talk about the connection between the brain and eating behavior. With the book's premise being "No one wants to overeat and develop chronic disease," why is that still happening? We talk about the research in non-conscious and impulsive brain circuits that may have helped us survive, but that are maybe not serving us too well in today's highly palatable and processed food environment.

A neuroscientist and biochemist by training, Dr. Guyenet recently wrote a book called “The Hungry Brain” which we delve into in this podcast. "The Hungry Brain" details the neurochemistry behind why people overeat and the connection between the brain and eating behavior. In our conversation we chat about why and how food behavior doesn’t always line up with food intentions, and what he discovered in some of his own, and others’ research in how nonconscious, more impulsive brain circuits that evolved for our ancestors aren’t working in our current environment.